RAF Marham Lightning II Information Update Event

RAF Marham will be holding another information ‘drop in’ event in the Sandringham Centre on Tuesday 25th April from 1400 – 1800hrs. This event will be to provide information regarding the development of RAF Marham in preparation for the arrival of the new Lightning II aircraft that will be arriving at the base in 2018. The Sandringham Centre is located behind the row of shops just outside of the camp gates.

There will be personnel on hand to answer questions regarding the arrival of the new aircraft.

RAF Marham would like to extend an invitation to the parish council and any members of the parish that would like to drop in to find out a little bit more about RAF Marham and what will be happening at the base over the coming years.

Notice of Electors’ Rights 2015/16

Click here to view the PDF file.

Meeting dates for 2016

January                 Monday 18th                 7.15pm       Full Council

March                    Monday 21st                  7.15pm       Parish Assembly                                                                                                                             & Full Council

May                       Monday 16th                   7.30pm       AGM

July                       Monday 18th                   7.30pm       Full Council

September            Monday 19th                 7.30pm       Full Council

November             Monday 21st                  7.15pm       Full Council

The Parish Assembly is a special meeting for residents of the parish to address their councillors and hear reports about the year’s activities.

Elections 2015

Crimplesham Parish Election Results

The Crimplesham elections 2015 will be uncontested as the current 7 Councillors were the only nominees for the seats. Uncontested elections result in all nominees being duly elected on 7 May. Please click on the link to the PDF file above for a more detailed look at the results.

Borough Council Election Results

The Borough Council elections will also be uncontested as there was only 1 nominee for the seat (Sandra Squire from Outwell). Uncontested elections result in all nominees being duly elected on 7 May. Please click on the link to the PDF file above for a more detailed look at the result.

Meeting Dates for 2015

Date Time Type of Meeting
May 18th 7.30pm Parish Assembly and Annual Parish Meeting
July 20th 7.30pm Ordinary Meeting
September 21st 7.30pm Ordinary Meeting
November 16th 7.15pm Ordinary Meeting