The Sign

The current village sign was put up in 2006 and stands on the village green, originally the site of the pond; it is made of fibreglass, and was painted by Janet Watkins. The previous sign was wooden and was carved by Mr Harry Carter of Swaffham. It was unveiled on 7th May 1976, by the oldest member of the village at the time: Mr Arthur Oakley aged 95 years.

The base for the sign was made by three generations of the Lane family; six plaques celebrating winning the “Best Kept Village” competition have since been attached to it.

The sign depicts the steam running through the meadow, a fishpond, around which sheep graze, while behind a yoke of oxen pull a plough across the brown soil. Two figures stand at either end of the sign’s image; the Lady on the right, painted in red, is “Ailed”, a freewoman who lived in the village in the time of Edward the Confessor; the man on the left, painted in blue, is “Rainald”, a Norman adventurer linked with the village.